Spring Cleaning Tips That Can Improve Your Health

Spring cleaning tips are about more than just tidying up your living room. They’re also an opportunity to refresh your mind, body, and habits to improve your overall health. Whether you’re removing dust, setting up fresh juice delivery, or making your home more zen, spring cleaning can have some major benefits.

These Spring Cleaning Tips Go Way Beyond Decor

Most people are so busy that health takes a back seat to all the other obligations in life. Using spring cleaning to create a healthier home and healthier routine will help you put your wellness on autopilot as the season gets busy. Below are a few of our favorite spring cleaning tips for your health.


Make fruits and vegetables a daily habit.

An easy way to make sure you’re doing at least one thing for your health each day is to set a daily goal for your fruit and vegetable intake. Aiming for 2 cups of fruit per day and 2.5 cups of veggies per day is a good starting point. Try to incorporate fruits and veggies into your eating habits so that you load up on them without thinking.

One way to do this is by designating one particular section of your fridge or kitchen for produce. Then, whenever this section looks empty, you’ll know it’s time to stock up. Another option is to aim for at least half of your grocery cart to be filled with fruits and veggies on each trip to the store, or to order fresh juice delivery with the vegetable ingredients you love most. You may also want to seek out fruits and veggies that are in season, as they’ll be that much richer and healthier. Hit up your local farmer’s market if you’re looking for espeically fresh and locally grown options.

Optimize your inbox.

Spring cleaning tips can go digital, too. This is a great time to take stock of all the emails hitting your inbox each week and to consider how useful they actually are. Odds are you’d do fine to unsubscribe from a whole host of them. Once you’re done deciding which email lists to unsubscribe from, reassess how often you check your emails and what your routine is surrounding them. 

Choose set times of each day to respond to your inbox rather than letting email push notifications rule your life. Set the tone that you’ll only open your inbox when you have the time and capacity to do so, rather than each time a new email pops up. You just might end up with way more extra time in your day than you knew existed.

Use grocery and fresh juice delivery services.

This move has more benefit than one: you can shave extra time off your schedule and you can make your health that much easier to focus on. When you have groceries delivered, you save yourself the hassle of heading out to a crowded store and free up more time for having fun or catching up on other tasks. You’re also able to choose healthy food options in advance, rather than unintentionally loading your shopping cart with processed food when you show up at the store hungry.

Fresh juice delivery also helps to automate your healthy habits by ensuring you never have to run an errand to track down your favorite cold pressed juice. You can decide which juices you’d most like to enjoy at any given time and have them show up right at your door. It’s elevated health with no fuss.

Remove toxins from your home.

If you clean your home with typical chemical-heavy cleaning products and pesticide-based pest killers, your health may benefit from a transition to green and all-natural products. This is especially true if kids or pets are in your home often. You can find plenty of excellent natural cleaning products in stores, but some objects can also be cleaned with household ingredients like vinegar.

You’ll also want to check nooks and crannies in your home for any irritants or toxins you might not have noticed. For example, unnoticed water damage or leaks can lead to allergy-agitating mold, lead in older pipes can cause irritation, and a lack of regular ventilation in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen may lead to some health issues. Now is also a great time to make sure your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector have fresh batteries and are working properly, since they alert you of some of the most dangerous toxins of all.

Book all your routine health appointments in one go.

It’s shockingly easy to forget to schedule a dentist’s appointment for several months, or to put off a call to your doctor for weeks on end because it just seems like too much of a hassle. This is why it’s ideal to set aside about half an hour while spring cleaning to get everything squared away for as far in advance as possible. If you can set up all of your appointments a full year ahead of time, great!

Take note of when your last physical, dentist appointment, visit to a women’s health professional, and any other routine visit was. If you are within an age range or demographic that is encouraged to get regular mammograms or other screenings, make a note of that too. Determine when you’ll be due for another visit, pull out your calendar, get on the phone with receptions, and schedule it all in one sitting. This will bring you the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what kinds of stressors come up this spring and summer, you’ll already have taking care of your health set on autopilot.

Give your kitchen a mini makeover.

You likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen each week, so one of our most important spring cleaning tips is to make sure it’s a space you actually enjoy hanging out in. Having a place to cook that is clean and accessible is great for your overall mood, but there’s another important thing to consider too: the way your kitchen is laid out can impact the food choices you make.

If fresh produce, healthy spices, and other great food options are stored at easy reach, you’ll be more likely to frequently grab them. On the other hand, if processed snacks take center stage in the section of your pantry that’s easiest to access, they might become a more prevalent part of your routine. Do some rearranging to ensure that the foods that make your body happiest and healthiest are front and center.

Then, wipe off your counters, clean off any food residue on your cooktop, clean your cutting board and pots, and disinfect the handles on the fridge, cabinets, and microwave.

Start stashing your running shoes by the door.

If you don’t have any shoe storage next to your front or back door, set up a small cubby or designated area for your running shoes. This way, you’ll feel a daily kick of motivation to get out the door for a run, hit the gym, or take  morning walks. After all, actually putting on your shoes and going out is one of the hardest parts of mustering the willpower for a workout. If your shoes live next to the door, half of the work is already done for you! This is also a good time to make sure your running shoes are in good shape. If the shoes have seen better days, replacing them with a new, more supportive pair may be a good choice for your overall foot and bone health.

Clear away dust and clutter.

Getting rid of unwanted junk may be one of the more traditional spring cleaning tips, but it can actually be a great move for your allergies, respiratory health, and mental clarity. Unwanted stuff collects dust and stresses you out when you’re trying to unwind at home. If you have any random piles of unsorted clutter or items you don’t need, now is the time to get rid of them. Clean out any “junk drawers,” and use drawer dividers to sort whatever items are left over. Donate clothing you no longer wear, as well as towels and bedding that you don’t use anymore. You’ll be passing them on to someone who needs them. If you have any unwanted medications, chemical products, or electronics, be sure to look into safe disposal options in your area to avoid health and environmental hazards. 

Once all these items are out of the way, vacuum and dust in your newly decluttered space. Crank open in the windows to let fresh air into your home, and make a habit of doing so every day. Another important refresh is to wash all bedding, sheets, and towels in your home. They can be a source of dust mites and allergy irritation. You’ll also want to clean your heavy coats, hats, scarves, and gloves to minimize potential allergy or dirt issues when you unpack them again next winter.


Create a “home spa kit.”

This is one of the easiest spring cleaning tips out there, but it can be surprisingly effective. Fill a small basket or bin with your favorite body butter, essential oils, bath bombs, face masks, deep conditioner, or anything else that makes you feel pampered. Then, store it in a place where you’ll see it regularly so you don’t forget to use it. 

Managing stress is an important factor in maintaining your health, and this is a fun way to contribute to that. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and have an extra 15 minutes to yourself, grab a cold pressed juice from the fridge, put on a face mask and some body butter, and let yourself exhale. Bonus points if you’re able to set aside entire evenings every now and then for some at-home spa relaxation.

Megan Partridge