These Natural Energy Sources Will Keep You Going All Day Long

Have you ever experienced the dreaded “afternoon slump”? You know, the foggy-brain feeling that makes you tempted to ditch your desk for a ginger shot pick-me-up (or a very long nap) around 2:30pm? Or perhaps you’re more familiar with morning grogginess and the struggle to perk up before dawn.

Struggling with energy is totally common in today’s busy world. So much is demanded of you within a 24-hour time period that it’s understandable to feel totally drained within just a few hours. 



Natural Energy Sources Can Help Fuel Your Day

Getting more sleep is an ideal way to boost both your health and energy levels, but catching extra sleep isn’t always that simple. Some weeks are simply too busy to get the proper rest you deserve, and random energy crashes can occasionally hit even the most well-rested among us.

Feeling naturally energized may seem like a distant pipe dream, but it doesn’t have to be. Nature has your back. There are plenty of natural energy sources, like fresh foods and healthy habits, that can aid your body in boosting its energy levels. Before you reach for that third espresso, grab a ginger shot instead and try out some of the natural energy sources below. Your body will thank you!


Adding eggs to your brunch dish does more than make your meal Instagrammable. (Though it definitely does that too.) Eggs are full of healthy fats and protein, which can help to prevent the afternoon crash that hits so many of us. On top of keeping you energized throughout the day, eggs can help to prevent excess hunger and curb overeating. Eggs are easy to add to any type of meal because they’re so versatile, and hard-boiled eggs can make an excellent on-the-go treat for your energy levels.


Leafy greens are great for you in more ways than one! In addition to providing your body with the nutrients that can help you maintain a healthy weight and ward off illness, greens like spinach can also help you stay awake. The amino acids and tyrosine in spinach are great for your energy levels. Another perk is the high iron content of spinach, which can help ensure that your brain is getting enough oxygen flow to keep it alert and awake. You can add spinach to a sandwich or salad, but one of the easiest and tastiest ways to increase your spinach intake is to make it part of your cold pressed juice or smoothie routine.

Ginger Shot

Ginger is one of the most popular natural energy sources, and for good reason. A ginger shot is a fantastic way to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and potentially reduce your risk of illness. Ginger is also a good option for easing an upset stomach. Fortunately for anyone with an early wake-up time, a ginger shot is also a natural energizer. Ginger’s flavor has a kick to it that adds some pep to your energy levels, and its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce fatigue. Try starting your morning with Pure Green’s Wake Me Up ginger shot, which provides a blend of lemon, ginger, and cayenne. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to face the day.


Matcha provides many of the benefits of coffee without the dreaded crash that comes along with a cup of java. These powdered leaves of green tea provide a more steady source of energy throughout your day rather than the intense burst and subsequent collapse that coffee is known for. Another benefit of matcha is that it has a high antioxidant content, which could help reduce your risk of cancer.

Healthy Nuts

Nuts are excellent natural energy sources to either get you going in the mornings or perk you up in the middle of the day. Many nuts are fantastic sources of protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Reach for options like almonds, cashews, walnuts, or peanuts (especially natural peanut butter) to reap the benefits.
Almonds are a popular healthy snack because of their high content of manganese, riboflavin, and manganese—ingredients that serve as energy powerhouses. Walnuts are also a fantastic energizer thanks to their healthy fatty acids. Dip your veggies in almond butter, add some nuts to your morning oatmeal or yogurt, or pack a bag of nuts for nourishment on the go.

Fresh Pressed Juice

Drinking cold pressed juice is a quick way to enjoy the benefits of a large amount of nutrients at once. Many of the fresh vegetables and fruits in cold pressed juice have energizing properties that can add an extra spring to your step. You can even set up regular cold pressed juice delivery so you can make it part of your daily routine without any hassle. If you’re not sure which type of juice to start with, try a juice with ginger, lemon, or spinach, like Pure Green’s Pure Gingerade, Wake-Up Call, or Pure Green juices.


Exercise is nature’s pick-me-up. Not only can it boost your energy, but it can boost your mood as well. The time you take to exercise essentially adds more minutes to your day, because the extra energy and focus you’ll experience as a result will help you make the most of your time.

A great cardio session releases endorphins, which wakes up your mind, increases your focus, and brings a feeling of happiness along with it. Exercise can also help increase your heart health, and that can in turn boost your stamina throughout the day. As if all this weren’t compelling enough on its own, exercise also helps to improve your quality of sleep, which can improve your energy levels throughout the next day. Even if you don’t have time for a full-on exercise session, a few jumping jacks when you’re feeling an energy slump can make a huge distance.


Meditation has the ability to give your mind a rest without making you more tired in the process. There are all kinds of forms of meditation, and while some methods can make you more relaxed and more primed for sleep, there are plenty of others that can wake you right up. Focusing on your breathing and letting your worries disappear can increase your energy in just a few minutes, both by sharpening the mind and by letting go of stressors that might have been making you feel more drained. Meditation also frees up more mental bandwidth to last you through the rest of your busy day.

Drink Lots Of Water

Dehydration is a huge cause of exhaustion. It can also make you more susceptible to cravings or to a false sense of hunger, which can cause you to load up on fatigue-inducing sweets or simple carbs. Drinking enough water each day can help keep your hydration levels in check for energy benefits. 

Better yet, if the water you drink is icy cold, it could help zap your brain into the present, just like a cold shower might. This is because it can increase blood flow to the brain and potentially boost your adrenaline levels. If water bores you, try experimenting with fruit-infused pitchers of H2O or drinking lots of hydrating cold pressed juices. Your exact daily water requirements depend on your individual body and needs, but many guidelines suggest that most people drink eight glasses of water per day.


Morning, midday, and evening stretching is great for both your body and mind. For starters, stretching does your muscles a favor—but it may also help fight off fatigue. Some experts believe that stretching helps your body to use energy in a more efficient way. It can also increase the circulation and oxygen in your muscles, which can wake you up. For rejuvenation during the day, you can even do some speedy stretches in your desk chair!


Salmon and tuna are excellent natural energy sources. Tuna is a strong source of vitamin B and protein. Wild salmon is also a great source of protein, as well as a great source of healthy fatty acids. Both fish options can keep you perky and energetic when you feel yourself fading.
A Walk In The Park
The cliches are true: fresh air and nature really are good for you. Time spent in the outdoors can be a natural mood-booster. A few minutes in the park or your backyard can also help alleviate stress, which can help reduce that drained, bogged-down feeling that can hit you on an overwhelming day. Walking outside can also provide some cardio, which is just one more boost to your energy levels

Get Lots Of Sunlight

If you have trouble waking up for your day, try to expose yourself to natural sunlight early in the morning. Sun is the most accessible of all natural energy sources, and it can help you regulate your body’s inner clock. If you’re more of a night owl and would like more energy in the morning, spend more time outside in natural sunlight during the day. (Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.) This will help you to fall asleep earlier and rise earlier. If you’re naturally a morning person, increasing your sunlight exposure may actually cause you to sleep in later, so you may only want to try this if you’re struggling to be an early bird. On cloudy days, you can also try light boxes that mimic sunlight, but they won’t pack as powerful of a punch as the sun itself.



Now that you’ve got these healthy tricks up your sleeve, you’ll never need to fear the afternoon slump again. Cheers to feeling energized enough to power your way through even the longest days.

Megan Partridge