Green Juice Cleansing and How to Choose the Right Program For You

With the plethora of cleansing options available at our fingertips, it can be difficult to decide which path is right for you. From the Master Cleanse to the Colon Cleanse to the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, there are innumerable ways in which we can cleanse our bodies of the day-to-day toxins they take in that keep us from functioning at our best. When guests come to Pure Green with questions about which cleanse is right for them, we always start by asking them what their goals are and what they hope to achieve from their cleanse. As it turns out, the results of a cleanse program can differ dramatically from one program to another and from one person to another. So how, exactly, is a green juice cleanse different than other types of cleanses, and how will you know if a green juice cleanse is the right route for you to reach your individual goals? We’re here to break down everything you need to know about various cleansing options so you can make an educated decision to reach your health goals.


A Green Juice Cleanse vs. Other Cleansing Options

As we’re sure you know, there are countless cleansing options on the market today, from Colon Cleanses to Liver Detox Programs to fasting diets. So, what are the benefits and risks of other options? Below, we break it down:

Colon Cleanse
The practice of natural colon cleansing dates way back to ancient Greece and is still touted today as a beneficial detox program to rid the colon of excess toxins. Modern day colon cleansing can involve taking supplements such as enzymes, teas, laxatives or magnesium to empty the colon of its contents naturally, expelling any toxins. Another option is to visit a specialist to irrigate the colon in a process called colon hydrotherapy. In this procedure, a hydrotherapist flushes the colon with water and various supplements including coffee or probiotics, then massages the abdomen to help expel toxins.

Experts believe that colon cleansing helps rid the colon of waste buildup caused by undigested foods. They claim the process can improve the body’s vitality and mental outlook, improve the immune system, aid weight loss, and even reduce the risk of colon cancer. Often, colon cleansing is recommended for people experiencing extreme fatigue, headaches and weight gain.

Of course, as with any cleansing program, we always recommend you speak with a healthcare professional before opting to undergo a colon cleanse.

Liver Detox
There are a variety of ways to detox the liver, and undoubtedly many of us could benefit from a liver detox program. Think about all the times you overindulged over the summer months or the holidays. Consistently overindulging in unhealthy foods is just one way toxins can build up in the liver. Food additives, air pollutants and prescription medications are other common culprits, so it’s easy to see why one may consider a liver detox.

There are a variety of conditions and habits that can cause toxins to build up in the liver, including autoimmune diseases, excessive alcohol consumption, low potassium levels, viral infections, and obesity. Some symptoms of an overly-toxic liver include bloating and gas, high blood pressure, inability to lose weight, rosacea, chronic fatigue, excessive sweating and poor appetite.

Vitamin A, C and E supplements, zinc and selenium, milk thistle and dandelion root are all natural ways to cleanse the liver. These can be taken daily to help maintain healthy liver function, or as needed during periods of excessive liver stress. Some people also choose to load up on potassium rich foods, eat beef liver, and remove processed foods (including sugar, most snack foods, and refined oils) from their diet to help the liver cleansing process.

Fasting has gotten a bad rap, though in recent years many people have discovered the amazing benefits of intermittent fasting, or fasting only for certain hours of the day and allowing a simple, healthy diet in between. Usually, those who embark on this type of program fast for 12 to 36 hours, and consume a regular, simple diet in between. Other fasting methods involve fasting for 24 hour periods once to twice per week, while consuming a moderate, healthy diet in between.

As it turns out, this type of fasting has been explored by scientists since the 1930s, and has been touted as a healthy way to increase lifespan, lose weight and improve body composition. Some even suggest it can improve the body’s response to insulin, which regulates blood sugar and helps control appetite.

So how does this process work? Studies suggest that, when you don’t consume foods for an extended period of time, the body initiates important cellular repairs and other changes, including increasing human growth hormone levels in the blood to increase fat burning and muscle growth, and lowering insulin levels to burn fat. As a result, people who embark on this type of program can reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, and improve heart health.



Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About a Green Juice Cleanse

Clearly, there are tons of options out there for someone looking to embark on a cleanse program. Now that we’ve looked at options like colon and liver cleansing and intermittent fasting, let’s dive into green juice cleansing, including its benefits, methods and who may be a good candidate for a cleanse like this.

During a green juice cleanse, one ceases all solid food consumption for a certain period of time (we generally recommend starting with a one day cleanse and working your way up to five days) and replacing solid foods with vegetable-based cold pressed juice. We usually liken cold pressed juice to soap to dirty hands, as the green juice washes away excess toxins from the body. How does it work? Well, when you stop consuming solid foods for a certain period of time, you allow your digestive system time to rest. Normally, your body requires energy to break down and digest the solid foods you consume. Ceasing this process allows your body to use the energy normally required for digestive to detoxify your liver and kidneys. Green juice aids this process, helping to flush out toxins that may be stuck inside your vital organs.

A green juice cleanse is an excellent option for anyone experiencing symptoms of a toxic body, including fatigue, bloating, skin conditions like acne and rosacea, irritability and weight gain. Should you choose to embark on a green juice cleanse, you can expect some of your symptoms to be exacerbated as your body rids itself of toxins. Symptoms can include tiredness, headaches, excessive sweating and skin breakouts, but rest assured that these symptoms are normal and a sign that the green juice cleanse is working to detoxify your body.

Even a beginner can expect to see wonderful results from a green juice cleanse, from increased energy and clearer skin, to decreased cravings and stronger mental clarity. Of all the cleansing options available, we love recommending Pure Green green juice cleanses, because not only are they accessible for newbie cleansers, but they’re also enjoyable. Cleansers can start small with a one day cleanse, typically involving up to eight bottles of cold pressed juice. More seasoned cleansers can continue a green juice regimen for up to five days.


Which Cleanse Is Right For You?

No matter which type of cleanse you choose, be sure to follow your gut (pun intended) and choose a program that fits with your lifestyle. Remember, achieving your health goals should be an enjoyable experience.

Assess your current health and any health issues you may be experiencing to help guide your decision. If you have a family history of colon cancer and fasting or juice cleansing does not fit in with your lifestyle, a colon cleanse may be the perfect option for you. If you do not want to deprive your body of calories but want to reap the benefits of a fast, a green juice cleanse could be an excellent choice.

With any program you choose, make sure that you are cleansing for the right reasons, and not just for quick weight loss. Remember, there is no fast track to a healthy body. All of these programs require ongoing lifestyle changes even once your cleanse is complete.

Also, be sure to be gentle with yourself during your cleanse. We are all only human, and we make mistakes. If you have a slip up, do not throw in the towel and binge. Treat your body with respect and treat food as healthy fuel.


Cleansing For Total Health

A cleanse program is a truly amazing experience that we recommend everyone try at least once. A Pure Green juice cleanse can help you achieve optimal health like you’ve never experienced before. Remember, our experts at Pure Green are always here to help guide you through your cleanse program. Your journey to health does not need to be a solo journey. We’re with you every step of the way!

Megan Partridge