The Best Green Superfood For Total Health

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If you’ve done any research into a green juice cleanse or supplements for better health, you’ve likely come across a lot of options. Particularly for someone new to cleansing or green supplements, embarking on a journey to better health can be daunting and incredibly overwhelming without guidance. The internet is full of options, from diet and exercise plans to superfood “miracle cures”, but how do you know what’s right for you? You know your body better than anyone, so here at Pure Green, while we offer as much guidance and information to our customers as possible, it is ultimately up to you to decide on the best green superfood or cleanse program for you. That being said, a great place to start is by looking into a wide variety of green supplements, compiling all the information available on each, and breaking them down by their beneficial properties so you can decide which products make the most sense for your health goals.

We believe everyone deserves to live their healthiest life, so we’ve done the hard work for you! Below, you’ll find an in-depth guide to the most popular superfood supplements on the market today, including their beneficial properties and even suggestions for incorporating them into your diet. Hopefully, this provides a great starting point for you so that you can take your health to the next level. As always, reach out to us with questions. We’re always here for you to help you reach your peak health.



You likely remember chlorophyll from back in your middle school science days. Many know it as it relates to photosynthesis, as a plant pigment that aids in the absorption of sunlight to create energy. As it turns out, chlorophyll is just as beneficial to humans as it is to plants. From cancer prevention to liver detoxification, this green supplement is among the best you can choose for your health. Below are all of the potential benefits you can expect from this superfood powerhouse:

Cancer Fighter — Carcinogens are the culprit when it comes to cancerous cells, but chlorophyll can actually bind to these carcinogens, preventing them from reaching susceptible tissues in the body like the heart. Studies have shown that chlorophyll is particularly adept at preventing colon and liver cancers. Allegedly, diets high in red meat have been associated with colon cancer, due to toxins found in red meat. However, you can reduce your risk, even with a meat-heavy diet, by increasing your chlorophyll intake to protect cells from binding with carcinogens.

Liver Detoxification — Chlorophyll consumption has been shown to increase an enzyme called phase II biotransformation. This enzyme supports the body’s natural ability to release toxins through the liver, and when not functioning properly, can lead to excess toxin build up in the liver, causing cellular mutations among other unwanted issues.

Wound Healing — Some studies suggest that chlorophyll can slow the rate at which bacteria multiplies, allowing the body to heal faster and prevent infections from forming.

Chlorophyll is one of the most simple supplements to incorporate into your diet. We love mixing a few drops of liquid chlorophyll with water for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. You can also find natural forms of chlorophyll in green leafy veggies such as kale, spinach, and swiss chard, as well as leeks, cabbage, green beans and parsley.



Moringa, also known as a drumstick tree, horseradish tree, or ben oil tree, has become increasingly popular as of late, due to its exceptional anti-inflammatory abilities. This green superfood is generally found in Africa, South America and India, and is most commonly consumed in powdered form. Why do we love it? While many green juice cleanse aficionados love kale for its powerful nutrients, moringa actually packs twice the protein, four times the calcium, six times the iron, and 48 times the vitamin B2. Needless to say, it packs a punch. Below, check out the other great benefits you can expect from one of the best green superfood supplements:

Antioxidant-Rich — Antioxidants are compounds found in superfoods that fight against free radicals, a known cancer-causing compound. These free radicals include vitamin C and beta carotene, quercetin, an antioxidant known to reduce blood pressure, and chlorogenic acid, known to stabilize blood sugar levels after meals.

Hormone-Balancing and Anti-Aging — In a study among postmenopausal women ages 45-60, researchers found that supplementing one’s diet with moringa helped to naturally balance hormone levels and decrease markers of oxidative stress. 

Improved Digestive Health — Thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, moringa is one of the best green superfood supplements for treating stomach ulcers, fungal or yeast infections, and other digestive issues. It’s particularly beneficial for those looking to fight candida overgrowth in the gut.

We love moringa because of its ease of use and variety of options in any diet. While the flavor has been likened to a mix between horseradish and asparagus, it tastes great blended in a fruit smoothie or juice, or even steeped into hot water for a green tea. Our favorite is to mix it with a Pure Green Golden Girl cold pressed juice.



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Matcha tea is a long-standing tradition in Japanese culture, made from the nutrient-dense leaves of the Camellia sinensis plants. We love this green superfood for its calming effects and love to incorporate it as a daily ritual into our diets. Some of the most prominent benefits of matcha include:

De-Stressing — For centuries, Japanese Buddhists have turned to matcha green tea to enhance relaxation. Due to its potency in the amino acid L-Theanine, matcha promotes the production of alpha waves in the brain to induce relaxation and calming without drowsiness.

Enhanced Memory and Concentration — Another amazing benefit of L-Theanine is that it stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. These two chemicals are important to enhance memory, and promote a better mood and increased concentration.

Increased Energy — With the speed at which the world moves today, we could all use an energy boost. Thankfully, matcha is an excellent natural energy-booster thanks to its caffeine and unique nutrient profile. Plus, unlike coffee and other stimulants, matcha drinkers can enjoy a clean energy boost without negative effects like nervousness and anxiety.

Our favorite way to consume matcha is the traditional Japanese way, in a potent green tea. Simply steep the powdered matcha leaves in hot water and strain for a delicious energy and antioxidant boost.



Spirulina is a blue-green algae found in fresh waters around the world, from Africa to Hawaii. You may be familiar with with deep green superfood supplement, found in many green juice cleanse programs because of its numerous health benefits, our favorites of which include:

Heavy Metal Detoxification — Around the world, arsenic toxicity is a huge problem. However, taking spirulina in supplements form twice daily can help the body detox from arsenic and other heavy metal poisoning quickly and safely.

Lower Blood Sugar — Studies have found that spirulina contains a compound called Phycocyanin, which has been shown to decrease blood sugar levels. This is particularly beneficial to Americans who follow the typical fast food diet and are prone to metabolic syndrome and other metabolism defects.

Promotes Weight Loss — While many superfoods and cleanse programs boast weight loss as a benefit, spirulina does so safely and slowly, so that users can keep the weight off long term. When consumed with breakfast, spirulina can even curb the appetite throughout the day.

We love mixing spirulina into green juice for an extra nutrient kick. Some people even add spirulina to baked goods for a little nutrient pick-me-up in their sweet treats.


The Best Superfoods to Include in Your Green Juice Cleanse

As you can see, the above superfoods provide a wide array of benefits for juicers and non-juicers alike. Whether you’re looking to lose a bit of weight, stabilize blood pressure, detox your liver or increase your energy levels throughout the day, these are the best green superfood supplements to reach your goals. We recommend discussing with your healthcare practitioner before adding any supplements to your diet, but rest assured that you will see amazing results with whichever supplement you choose. Next time you consider a Pure Green cold pressed juice cleanse, make sure to inquire about adding superfood supplements to your cleanse to really see the best results from your efforts. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Pure Green if you have any questions about cold pressed juice, cleanses, or dietary supplements. Our goal is for you to reach peak health inside and out!

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