Where To Find The Most Delicious Smoothies In NYC

Whether you’re a local to New York City or you’re planning a visit soon, you can rest assured that you’ll plenty of options for getting your smoothie fix. When it comes to smoothies, NYC is the place to be. Whether it’s a signature healthy smoothie recipe or trademark photo-ready presentation, each smoothie bar in Manhattan has something unique to offer.

Of course, not all smoothies are created equally. You’ll want to choose an establishment that prioritizes the healthiest ingredients while providing the best value and taste. Here, we’re sharing our favorite places—add them to the top of our list!



Make sure you’re drinking a healthy smoothie recipe.

Smoothies can be a healthy part of your day, but they can also be sugar-filled and lacking in nutrition. It all depends on where you get your smoothie, and whether it was made using a healthy smoothie recipe. If you want to be sure that your smoothie is healthy, take a look at the ingredients used to prepare it.

You’ll want to think about avoiding smoothies blended with ice cream or full-fat yogurt, as they’ll tire you out and have lots of unnecessary calories. A dairy-free smoothie is especially healthy, but if you want a dose of dairy in your beverage, opt for nonfat dairies. Many smoothies from health-focused smoothie bars are made with nut milk instead of dairy.

When choosing your smoothie recipe, look for blends that include sources of fiber and small amounts of healthy fats like nut butter or avocado to help you stay full.

Be sure to also opt for smoothies with healthy and natural sweeteners, like coconut milk, agave, or unsweetened cocoa powder. On that same note, smoothies made with real fruit as opposed to a fruit juice mix. Not only do real fruits provide a much healthier source of sweetness (many fruit juices are full of unneeded sugar), but they provide your body the fiber it needs.

Of course, smoothies don’t need to just be about fruit. Adding veggies to your smoothie can be incredibly tasty and beneficial. Spinach and kale are common additions to healthy smoothie recipes, and in the right blend, they taste fantastic.

Besides how great they taste, one of the best perks of drinking smoothies is the positive impact they can have on your health. Depending on which ingredients you choose for your smoothie, the refreshing drinks can help experience a wide range of health benefits.

Reduced Inflammation

The fresh vegetables and fruits used in smoothies can help reduce inflammation. This can translate to all sorts of benefits, like less redness, pain, swelling, and rashes.

Increased Energy

Healthy smoothie recipes provide an increase in in energy without the dreaded crash that can accompany other energizers like coffee. Instead, healthy smoothie ingredients keep you full and energized for hours after you enjoy your drink.

Better Digestion

Many smoothies are excellent sources of fiber, and that makes your digestive system happier. Ingredients rich in fiber will take longer to digest without tiring you out and will keep your system running smoothly.

A Stronger Immune System

Healthy smoothies are full of antioxidants, and that equates to a lower likelihood of getting sick. Smoothies can be a great boost to your immune system and can help you to ward off damage from free radicals.

Healthier Skin

Thanks to the anti-inflammation properties of many veggies and fruits, as well as the omega-3 acids found in many smoothies, each sip will help you get your glow on. Smoothies can help you to experience smoother skin, a reduction in puffiness, and a potential reduction in acne. They also have excellent anti-aging properties and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Where to find the best smoothies NYC has to offer.

Now that we know why smoothies are so fantastic for both your health and your taste buds, let’s take a look at where to find them. New York City’s wide array of smoothie options can be overwhelming, but it’s all about knowing where to start. Here are our favorites.


Pure Green

We can’t help but put Pure Green at the top of the list, because we really are among the best! We combine the freshest, purest ingredients to create revitalizing smoothies you’ll love. One of our more classic blends is our tasty and healthy Pure Green smoothie, which blends kale, spinach, mango, banana, pineapple, and coconut water for a nutritious pick-me-up.

If you’re looking for something extra sweet, try the Banana Nut smoothie, a blend of banana, cashew butter, coconut, whey protein, agave, and almond milk. For a fruity kick, order Purple Haze, which includes strawberries, bananas and coconut water. We take great care at every step to ensure our smoothies are as clean, flavorful, and nutrient-packed as possible—and you’ll be able to tell when you take your first sip.

Juice Vitality

If you aren’t close enough to a Pure Green location to stop by, you may want to check out Juice Vitality. This small shop in New York City’s East Village has a wide variety of vegan smoothies and keeps its prices relatively low. Customers especially rave about the shop’s kale and acai smoothies.


Juicology is committed to make healthy eating an easy option for anyone in any stage of life, and to creating a sense of balance around nutritious food. Juicology’s smoothies are adored for their clever names like Figaliscious, Big Bird, and the Green Guzzler. Of course, the beverages behind the names live up to the hype, with ingredients like chia seeds, coconut flakes, fresh ginger, kale, mango, and coconut milk.

Oasis Jimma

The founder of Oasis Jimma grew up in Ethiopia, where he worked in his father’s homeopathic clinic, so he knows a thing or two about healthy natural ingredients. The result is a smoothie menu that combines hard-earned health wisdom with flavorful ingredients. Oasis Jimma offers just about every nut butter option under the sun, and in addition to more traditional fruit-filled flavors, the menu offers a distinctive garlic smoothie. The blend of garlic, avocado, parsley, peach, and honey can help reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and potentially lower your cholesterol.

Juice Generation

Juice Generation is a well-loved New York City smoothie jaunt where you’ll find juice, smoothies, acai bowls, and other healthy options. One of their more legendary smoothies, the Smooth Strawberry, has been around since 1999. The blend combines frozen coconut milk, strawberries, banana, and apple. If you’re looking to add a bit of whimsy to your day, order the Kale Kolada, a blend of banana, spinach, kale, and young coconut that’s served in a coconut shell. Juice Generation’s bright pink Watermelon Dragon smoothie is also a fun option. This concoction combines dragon fruit, strawberries, lime, tart cherry, and watermelon for a colorful and healthy treat. If you’re looking for more of a green boost, try the Extreme Green smoothie, which includes kale, mint, nut milk, ginger, and spinach.

Fusion Juice Bar

This popular neighborhood spot offers up smoothies, acai bowls, parfaits, and other healthy options. Regulars especially love Fusion’s Peanut Butter Yum smoothie and the Tropical Forest smoothie, which features the beachy taste of coconut.

No matter where you get your smoothies, what matters most is that they provide the healthy ingredients your body needs to thrive. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that they taste great, so drink up!

In New York City, a healthy smoothie is never too far away. When you visit New York City for the first time, it’s easy to get the impression that it’s an unhealthy place, with all of its pollution, crowds, and high-pressured careers. But on the contrary, many New Yorkers are incredibly devoted to self-care, health, and nutrition. They know that taking good care of themselves is the only way to thrive in such an overwhelming city.

Lucky for us, New York’s health-conscious attitude translates to a whole lot of smoothie bar options. (And boutique fitness options, and health food store options, and walking path options….we could go on.) Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a lifelong native, that’s great news, because smoothies can keep you nourished on the go.
Next time you’re too busy to even stop for a meal, duck into your nearest Pure Green or other favorite smoothie bar for some nutrients on the run. If you choose a smoothie with fresh, quality ingredients, you’ll be doing something good for your health without even having to think about it. Grabbing a smoothie in a hurry is a much better option than hastily grabbing a sugary snack that won’t give you the energy you need to get through the rest of your day.

If you’re not sure which type of smoothie to start with and don’t have time to ponder over all the options, order something green. Smoothies that feature kale, spinach, nut milk, and natural sweeteners are always a great bets if you’re stumped. Not only will it taste delicious, but you’ll stand to reap all kinds of health benefits. So next time you take a sip, get ready for glowing skin, increased energy, and a boost to your immune system. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for making such a healthy choice!

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