Our Mission is to take health to the world and unleash human potential through nutrition and performance.

We believe everyone should be able to experience sustained energy throughout the day. Starting your day with our cold pressed juice, handcrafted smoothies, acai bowls, and nutrient-rich snacks will restore your energy and recharge your life.

By integrating both our retail presence and wholesale platform, we want to make it easy to get a Pure Green performance boost wherever you are. We currently have 7 retail locations in New York City, with more opening soon, and a rapidly expanding international wholesale cold pressed juice business.

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The Cold Pressed Process

Our cold pressed juice is nutrition as nature intended. We cold press our fresh fruits and vegetables so that our juice is never heated. The cold press process preserves all live enzymes, vitamins and minerals from our fresh fruits and vegetables, which you can feel immediately as they flood your body with nourishment.

Proud Supporter of Local & Organic Farms

Pure Green supports local and organic farms and always uses non-GMO produce. We are highly selective in where we source our produce from - using local farms when the produce is in season and sustainable practices during the production of our cold pressed juice.

Highest Quality Ingredients

We use only the highest quality ingredients for all of our products, sourcing superfood ingredients from around the world which provide superior nutrition and taste.

Custom Cleanses

Curious about doing a cleanse and seeing how your performance improves? Our Pure Green Coaches are available to discuss the process with you anytime, and to customize a plan to your specifications. Learn more here.

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Our Mission

Pure Green's mission is to transition the mainstream population to a healthy lifestyle. We are bringing the most delicious, nutrient dense foods and beverages to the world through our rapidly expanding network of retail stores and wholesale accounts, and making it fun, easy, and accessible for everyone to be healthy.

Our Vision

Build the health and wellness brand that enables widespread adoption of a healthy lifestyle, empowering everyone to be their best self and achieve their full potential.

Our Founders

Pure Green was founded by Ross Franklin and Jason Paez, two childhood best friends with a shared passion for the health and performance benefits of nutrition. Learn more about our founders here.