Ross Franklin

Founder & CEO of Pure Green


Long-time wellness devotee Ross Franklin originally founded Pure Green in 2014. His vision is to transform the general population into a healthy lifestyle which has driven him to create Pure Green, a New York City born cold pressed juice and handcrafted smoothie company. Ross has taken his passion for health and biohacking, the art of optimizing human performance through nutrition, and he formulated the most delicious smoothies, acai bowls and cold pressed juice creations from superfoods and the highest quality healthy ingredients. Ross has been featured as a wellness expert in many publications including The Daily News, Well and Good, Best Products Ever, Page Six and many other publications. Ross has been the sought after business strategy and performance consulting specialist for over a decade.

Ross is a business strategy and operations maven and has consistently built on the notable leadership and operational success he has achieved in the field of Health and Wellness. Prior to founding Pure Green, Ross was CEO of RF Consulting, a consulting firm dedicated to building brand equity and delivering results for high-end health clubs, spas and wellness brands. Before starting Pure Green, Ross built and developed many successful brands and was highly sought after by companies all throughout the health and wellness and fitness industries. 

Over the past decade, Ross has launched new and mature wellness brands with a solid track record of achieving extraordinary results. His experience has grown directly from leading operations in senior positions for the top players in the highly competitive New York health club market and consulting for many health clubs, spas and healthy living brands throughout the East Coast. Ross has been acknowledged as the driving force behind many successful wellness brands on the market. Ross's consulting list of clients reads as the "Who's Who" of the wellness world.